Never Let Go

Tane is everything JD imagined. Isn’t he...?  

JD Winters is feeling let down by life and love until she meets handsome, rich Tane Cavendish and embarks on a whirlwind fantasy romance. But just when she thinks everything is perfect, Tane disappears from her life. Hurt, she resigns herself to solace in the arms of his loser best friend.

As suddenly as he left, Tane is back, sobbing and begging forgiveness. JD is crazy for him; she can’t stay away. Months pass like scenes from her wildest dreams until she is blindsided by another betrayal. JD thought she knew Tane. She thought she could trust him with the rest of her life.

When JD learns the truth about Tane, it will change everything.

Lucky Seventh

You never know your luck…

Reco Hart wakes one Sunday morning in a strange bed with no memory of Saturday night. Nothing unusual about that, except he’s alone and the young woman who brought him home is asleep across the room. Battling his hangover, Reco remembers meeting Vanessa and realising his life was about to change.

Getting to know each other and bonding over shared musical tastes seems like the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Until that song plays. That one song with the power to send Reco back to a time and place he’s desperate to forget.

To move forward with Vanessa, he needs to go back. He needs to remember, instead of drowning his memories in cheap vodka.

Can he escape the dark, haunted chambers of his psyche? Or will being Lucky Seventh torment him forever?

Author’s Note: This book deals with dark themes and contains disturbing scenes. If you have been the victim of violence or sexual assault, be assured that you are not alone, and please seek help should you need it.

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