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Books on Books on Books!

On Saturday night, I took a leap of faith in myself, and ordered a slightly larger cache of my novel, Lucky Seventh, than I have before. Previously I'd ordered 12 or 15 at a time, but this week's haul is 40 - with the proof copy I ordered after I applied my ISBN and barcode and a copy that's been on display at the local pop-up book stall for a couple of months, I now have 42 copies of my book to find homes for. In the words of Scooby Doo, "Rikes!"

Faith in myself isn't my strongest suit, even after receiving positive feedback about the book, both in contents and presentation. At least they don't have a use-by date. I'm taking them to the Triabunna Village market on Sunday, despite the BoM forecasting a chilly and wet morning. At least I get to set up in the fully-enclosed barn rather than the still-somewhat-open big shed. Last time I went on a chilly, wet day with low hopes and seven books, I came home with one book and a sense of slightly bemused achievement. Fingers crossed for a similar result this time.

My main plan for this shipment, though, is to have a good number to take to the market in October, when our little town becomes quite bustling, with the Britain to 'Bunna car show coinciding with the market. I will be leaving some copies on Sunday to be displayed and (I hope) sold at The Village in between.

It took me so long from saying "I want to be an author" to being able to say that I have produced a book people are happy to buy. Thirty-five years, in fact. Perhaps that's why I'm still a little uncertain of myself - the shock hasn't worn off yet!

Until next time,

~Erica xo

Lucky Seventh is available worldwide as a print-on-demand paperback via lulu.com, and in multiple e-book formats at smashwords.com.

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